Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Picturia Press has worked with Jerry Gotkin over the last year to design and create five books showcasing the artwork of Marjorie and Jerry Gotkin. Orchids: An Intimate Portrait of Beauty, Marjorie's Table, Still Life/Florals, The Tall Ships and The Gardens of Hospice by the Sea.

After designing these wonderful books, Jerry asked if we could create a website for him, which we created and just launched today and you can visit here: As always, we were very happy to work with Jerry again on this project and to help showcase his beautiful art in both print and on the web.


Jerry Gotkin said...

Suzzanne Connolly and Picturia Press has just completed and posted our new website, What makes me continue to work with Suzzanne? After completing 5 art books documenting our art work, it was the easiest decision I had to make. The web world is filled with designers who offer fine technical work. But Suzzanne Connolly provides something extraordinary. It is not only her patience and guidance but her creative ability and input which makes a difficult project flow to its comprehensive publication. Her technical knowledge, magnificent. Her input, priceless. To any professional artist who wants his or her work actualized, Picturia Press is a standout.
My everlasting gratitude to Suzzanne.
Jerry Gotkin