Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Designing a book for a personal event, other than a wedding can be a bit tricky. For instance, I don't know the characters (and I do mean characters) in this book, "THE MANSION". So ....what if I just happen to put a picture of Joe on the same page as Jim, and they don't particularly care for each other? Or what if I put pictures together that are out of relative time sequence?

It's always a risk when you are designing this type of book. You want the sequence right, you want the message and the feel to mirror what occurs at the event. That's not easy when you weren't there.

This is where the client can do their homework and come prepared for the process. Usually, I ask clients to put groupings together in folders. For example, in a wedding you would create "Getting Ready" Folder, "The Ceremony", "The Reception", etc. etc. This will always speed up the process and help the designer navigate through hundreds of images. Good news about this book was I only had to switch up a few pages and the client was pleased as....party punch.

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