Friday, May 30, 2008

It's been some time since I've posted on the blog. But that's not because there aren't any books being published! In fact, quite the opposite! The most recent book published is "Enduring Impact". This was a book we created for Mr. Michael Dunn, the CEO of Prophet, a San Francisco based branding agency.

Michael is celebrating his 10 year anniversary at the company and his associates collected anecdotes, letters, quotes and pictures to put together this book. A very big book I might add, weighing in at a whopping 58 pages!! Seems like he is very well loved and respected. Hope he enjoys the book as much as we did making it for him. Congratulations Michael Dunn.

The most challenging (and rewarding) part of this project was that there was very little imagery and a great deal of text. Taking this into account, we used plenty of typography and color to make the book more engaging and visual.

Click here to view this book