Monday, February 25, 2008

It's been a busy few weeks around here!. Managed to build two websites, a tri-fold brochure and oh, also managed to squeeze in a book design too!

My dearest friend Natalie is getting married, so I helped her create a tri-fold "SAVE THE DATE" Card. This was supposed to be quick and dirty project - but are they ever? First I went to Kinko's to print the brochures, only to be told the printers were all down for service. Then they say they can do it on their own printer, but I have to use their paper, rather than the dye cut beautiful tri-fold paper I had brought. Then....I realize the CD I brought only had the layout and not the fonts included. And my client Natalie is waiting patiently to get her 125 brochures to mail out the next day!

During all this, we built a website for a San Francisco personal trainer, JJ Everett. I've had the privilege and the pain of training with him, and it was much easier to build his website than it is to build my muscles!! If you want a great workout, be sure to check out his site.

Onto the next job, which was a landing page for a Passion Parties consultant. This one was a breeze compared to the brochure and the website. One page, no heavy programming, and the best news is the client loved it. It's always great when your client likes your first draft on a design.

Now I can get back to book designing. Crazy week....

Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm excited to be working with a man who has been writing his own poetry for the last 10 years. Just like photographs however, they are all over the place and in many different forms. He's got them hand written, scanned, typed (on a REAL typewriter) and on his computer (remember Word Perfect?)

All his work needs to be edited before it's actually ready for a published book version, so we are taking all his content and retyping it all in a word document that he can edit and then resubmit to us for conversion and layout. This is one of those long running projects, but should be really rewarding to complete. We'll keep you posted.