Sunday, November 22, 2009

This was really a sweet and wonderful book to work on during the holiday - and the cold season. Randi is our client and she contacted us to put together this book as a gift to her husband. They got married in 2007 and recently she collected all of the images from their honeymoon to create a coffee table book as a memento and holiday gift to her new husband.

Randy was highly organized and gave us all 400 of her pictures in order of their honeymoon trip through Maui, Kauai, Napa Valley and San Francisco. It was a perfect book to work on in this chilly weather!

To see more of the book, click here.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We recently designed a book for Ellen van Deelen called "The Rat Pack - A Humorous Look at Extraordinary Mice. Ellen entered the book into the Blurb Book Contest and won much applause from candidates and voters alike. The book was nominated as a runner up and we are thrilled for Ellen and the recognition she received on her charming photographs. A special thanks to our dear friend Jerry Gotkin, who helped us write the beautiful introduction to that book, as Ellen was from Holland and did not speak fluent English.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gifts of Time, Fifty Years Down Memory Lane was such a treat to create for our client. Brenda is a wonderful mother, a great co-worker, terrific friend and fantastic wife. I can say that because I read over 50 tribute letters to her from her friends and family.

This memory book is to be a surprise gift from her friends for her upcoming 50th birthday.Thankfully, one person, (one very organized person) coordinated the many letters and images that people wanted to contribute to the book, and although there were one or two late contributions and additions to the book, we managed to get it to print in time for the event. Happy Birthday Brenda and many more!

To view images from the book, click here.

This was an emotional book to work on for our clients. The family of a woman who had recently passed away from cancer wanted to create a memorial or tribute book about Ellen that they could give to Ellen's daughter so she would always know how much her mother was loved and admired.

This is a collection of letters and images from her family and friends that was put together and then gifted to the Ellen's teenage daughter. It is a wonderful gift that Ellen will have as a reminder of her mom for all her life. We wish them all the best during the holidays and the coming years.

To view some of the images from this book, click here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We just finished up a project for our client who wished to put together a voyeuristic book of her images as a gift to her boyfriend who travels extensively. She had professional images of her taken and asked us to design a tasteful, yet engaging book of her images. These were some of the most beautiful photographs we have worked with and although we are very proud of our work....we won't be showing this work to the public. This is a very personal book, which we do quite often for our clients. We respect their privacy, but still appreciated the opportunity to work on something so personal.

We hope he has enjoys the surprise in in suitcase the next time he takes a trip!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lucy & Salvatore. What can we say? It's not often anymore we hear of people being married for 50 years, so it definitely deserved a book to celebrate the occasion. Lucy's nephew contacted us to create this book for them, as they wanted to present it to Salvatore in a few weeks, who was going to be celebrating his 75th birthday!

It was a small book, only about 30 pages, but each page is full of memories of their 50th Anniversary and their renewal of vows. We wish them many more happy years together! To view more images from the book, click here.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

We did another wonderful wedding album this week for our clients -Melissa and Joseph. They are such a great couple and Melissa was so easy to work with as a client. She new very clearly what she wanted in a design -a romantic, yet editorial look to her book and picked a 12" x 12" square design. She had approximately 1,000 images which we paired down to create a lovely 100 page book.

We wish them the very best in the coming year and hope they treasure their book for years to come!