Friday, August 8, 2008

It's always wonderful when we have the opportunity to work with a client on another project. Today, we just wrapped up and published a second book for our client, Jerry Gotkin. If you recall, we worked with Jerry to publish "Gardens of Hospice by the Sea".

We worked with Mr. Gotkin to create a artist portfolio of work created by his wife and noted artist, Marjorie Gotkin. The Tall Ships Watercolor and Gouache is a beautiful book showcasing over 150 of Marjorie's pieces in her Tall Ship series.

Even more works to come as we again work with Jerry to produce another book on Marjorie's floral series. Click here to view the book.


Jerry Gotkin said...

This is the second book that Picturia Press and Suzzanne Connolly has completed for Gotkinarts. It is so very rare that an artist has the opportunity to collaborate with a design company that can assemble a large amount of text and images into a cohesive and comprehensible book that is both beautiful and displays the artist's work to its fullest impact.
Suzzanne worked tirelessly with me to achieve this. Always accessible and responsive, she was a patient and guiding force. She was given a large amount of text and over 170 paintings to assemble in a 200 page book. The result is what every artist hopes for: a combination of a beautiful art book and a catalogue of the body of work.

We are now beginning the third book with Picturia Press which will be even more formidible. It is "The Art of Marjorie Gotkin: Still Life/Floral Paintings". This art book will contain over 250paintings. All of the books will be sent to The Smithsonian Institution American Art Museum/Portrait Gallery Libraries which has a catalogue "Marjorie and Jerry Gotkin collection 1965-2007".

To Suzzanne, my heartfelt gratitude to everything that she brought to achieve "The Tall Ships
Watercolor and Gouache Paintings".

We plan on doing a few more books with Picturia Press.
Jerry Gotkin

Anonymous said...

"Tall Ships" is an exquisite book! Marjorie Gotkin was a uniquely talented artist, and this book beautifully showcases her amazing tall ships series. The use of color and technique is inspiring, and the plates just jump off the page. I highly recommend this stunning work put together by the artist's husband, Jerry Gotkin, a talented artist in his own right.

Joan Elmouchi
Chelsea District Library
Chelsea, MI