Monday, November 3, 2008

Orchids An Intimate Portrait of Beauty was a wonderful book for us to work on this month. This extremely beautiful book features the drawing, photography and paintings of Jerry Gotkin.

Some of the orchids in this book are captured in isolation and some in their natural environment. All of the images featured in this book, have been reproduced in Limited Editions by the artist.

Rather than create a catalogue of the orchids, Mr. Gotkin preferred to create a "stand alone" piece that would be in and of itself an artistic work, yet still compliment the original creations.

With over 120 pages of compelling images, this 13 x 10 book is stunning on it's own and we were excited to work with Jerry Gotkin again, making this the fifth book we have created for this Florida based artist.

To view the book, click here.


Jerry Gotkin said...

What an extraordinary experience. This is the fifth book that Picturia Press and Suzzanne Connolly has designed and completed for me within the past 4 months. Suzzanne's vision for this large book is exciting. With discipline and creativity she has taken my work,the subject of Orchids, and turned individual images into a compendium of art. An artist could not ask for a more creative and innovative collaborator than Suzzanne.
There are two or three more books to be produced and she will be redesigning our website.
It is with deep gratitude that I recommend Picturia Press to all amateur and professional artists who are seeking to present their work.
Jerry Gotkin