Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is quite a unique book and although it took a very long time; it was a wonderful project to work on. Picturia Press was contacted by a book group in Des Moines, Iowa that had been meeting once a month for over 20 years! During that time they had read and reviewed over books and wanted to share their book list with friends and family. But also during that time, this book group, called the Decem Doctae, or "ten learned women", have been meeting at each other's houses to review the books and to share a delicious lunch prepared by their host for the meeting. So in addition to sharing their recommended reading list, they wanted to share some of their recipes they've collected over the years. Additionally, one of the ladies from their group is a photographer, so naturally, our clients also wanted to include images of their beautiful city.

It took some time and management to collect all the different images, bios, book lists and recipes from 14 different women belonging to the group over the period of 20 years and then editing the book so it was cohesive and consistent. Let's just put it this way... everyone writes a recipe differently.

The end result is a book we love and are sure the client will love also. Click here to view the book.


Shelley Brody said...

I would be delighted to recommend Picturia Press for anyone who is writing and designing a book for publication.

They have both great artistic and literary skills and a vision of what the completed project will look like. Equally as important, Suzzanne has a great spirit of co-operation and a desire to please her client.

We were involved in a project that was both unique and time consuming. She did everything that she could to make our experience pleasant and to insure that our book would be a quality publication and one that would please all of us who were involved. She was able to adapt to all of our needs, and to revise the book as she received more material than she had originally expected. She guided us through the project, made it enjoyable and was able to give us a book with which we are all extremely pleased.