Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I have often heard people I know remark on their food allergies and how it impacts their lives. Although I personally have no food allergies, I found this book project to be very informative. The Brendan Bioscience Complement Antigen Test screens for 132 food and food additives common to most people's diets. Once you've had your physician administer the Antigen Test, this book (7 x 7, 62 pages), written by Lori Garrison of C3B Technologies, is designed to educate you about the "problem" foods. It isn't just enough to avoid your allergy foods (like corn, wheat and dairy) because those items may also be "hidden" in other foods you eat. This book is very informative and lists alternatives and hidden places where your "allergy" foods may be appear.

If you find you have symptoms such as headaches stomach aches, eczema, fatigue, or asthma, you may want to consult your physician to be tested for food allergies. To see the inside of this book, click here.