Sunday, December 20, 2009

Asian elephants are considered endangered on the IUCN Red list. At the turn of the 20th Century, there were 100,000 elephants in Thailand. Today, there are less than 5,000.

We were honored to be contacted by Don Tayloe regarding his documentary film, "The Last Elephants in Thailand". Don's film is a sweeping account of the lives of domesticated elephants and what is being done to save them. Their habitat has been drastically reduced and they are rounded up and turned into slaves in logging camps or to perform in the tourism industry. Fortunately, there are people trying to save the animals, but they are under funded and undermined by politics.

This book is a companion piece to the documentary and as a visual biography, we hope that it will encourage people to reach out a helping hand. For more information on Don Tayloe's film, please visit

To learn more about how you can help:

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Jerry Gotkin said...

I just previewed "The Last Elephants in Thailand" and was torn between the heart-felt cruelty that these wondrous animals have had to endure and the beauty of the design which brings the impact of their plight to our consciousness. Picturia Press has designed six books and our website over the past year and a half and it is through its ability to evaluate the subject, material and intent of the author that makes each book a special event.
Jerry Gotkin