Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There's nothing more rewarding than working with and recovering old photographs for a client. We were asked to do this project as a commemorative piece on our client's wife who recently passed away.

We received many scans, emails, and discs full of wonderful old images to work with on creating this book. We spent a great deal of time photo editing and photo retouching the images to bring them up to print quality.

Never assume a photo can't be used in your book because it is old, damaged and/or deteriorating. A good designer will know how to edit and recover those images to use in your book. Below is an example of one such image that we recovered and used in this book.

To view more of the book, please click here.


Jerry Gotkin said...

What can I say? Suzzanne Connolly has created an intimate experience for me, the most personal expression that comes not only from her great skills as a designer, but her deep intuitive understanding of the needs of her clients. All she requested from me were the photos of Marjorie, no matter their condition. The photos were immaculately restored and then she proceeded to assemble them in both chronologic and artistic order. She created the title and allowed the images to be the text. I only saw the book at the end of her endeavor: a gift that has mended my heart.
This is the 8h opportunity that I have had to see her immense talents put to work. The 5 books that we published have been catalogued by the Smithsonian Institution American Art/Portrait Gallery Library; she obtained the ISBN numbers for them; she redesigned our website in a most powerful way. The Smithsonian Institution has electronically linked our site to theirs. And now this great gift which allows me to visit and revisit a most precious life. Thank you, Picturia Press.....my eternal gratitude, Suzzanne.
Jerry Gotkin