Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just finished another great book that was lots of fun to design. I know, I know...I say that about all the books. This one is going to be a one year anniversary present from a wife to her husband. I really had fun working with the client, as it appears from working with her, she must be as organized as I am. All the digital images and files were transferred to us separated in folders by sequence of events. Remember my post on how organizing images makes life easier for the designer? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It was a "Good Thing" (as Martha Stewart says...) that my client took the time to organize the files, as we were working on an extremely short deadline if she was going to be able to give it to her husband on their anniversary. My client was very creative with her ideas and open to suggestions from us on how to make it the best book it could be. I think we were both satisfied with the end results. I'd sure love to be there when he sees it.

Click here to view the book


Christina said...

Cool site! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog ( I'm a writer but in my job I get to dabble in graphic design and do both for the web, so I'm double-pleased to find out what your site is about! I'll be checking it out . . .

Thanks again!

Susan said...

This post and THANK YOU are WAYYYYY overdue! Picturia Press was the artist on the book of MY WEDDING! She was a DREAM to work with and made my wedding into a pictorial story unlike I'd ever seen! My husband and I were married in Mexico and had a great, passionate Italian photographer who lived on the beach in paradise. He was very kind and supplied all of the photos, negatives, disks etc...but no album or editing. We were there for a full week with ALL of our friends and family. When we returned with a week's full of pictures from friends and family + another 800 photos from our photograper - we had NO IDEA where to start, but knew we wanted an album of the week, not just the day.
I decided for our 1st Anniversary - the "paper" anniversary, the photo book would be the best gift. It truely was! Our book let us relive the week on our anniversary and everytime we "read" through it. I was able to work with Picturia Press on so many personalized details and they brought so much imaginative love to the project that it far exceeded my expectations or hopes for the book. We have sent the link to tons of friends, and they all agree, it is a true story and made all that didn't make it down to Mexico, wish they had! Best of all, we have it forever. Thank you, thank you! There is not much better in life than happy memories - and these are beautiful!