Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today, we just finished our third book with noted artist, Jerry Gotkin. This was an exciting project for us to work again with Jerry on creating a showcase of his wife Marjorie Gotkin's "Still Life/Florals" watercolor and gouache. It is always a pleasure to work with Mr. Gotkin, and these were some incredibly beautiful images to design and layout. We recently published his Tall Ship Series and the Hospice by the Sea Gardens books.

Both Marjorie and Jerry Gotkin have been successful and well-known painters and artists for many years and some of Marjorie's works are in the Smithsonian Institution American Art Museum/Portrait Gallery Libraries. So it was an honor to help create this book for them.

Click here to view the book.


Jerry Gotkin said...

Picturia Press, Suzzanne Connolly and I have just completed our third collaboration and published "Still Life/Florals of Marjorie Gotkin". The challenges of organizing and designing this 280 page art book were enormous. There are 243 watercolor and gouache paintings created by Marjorie Gotkin and full texts of a Biography, Introduction, Forward and prefaces to 6 series in the tome.
As Suzzanne and I have continued to work together, she has shown the patience, diligence and creativity that any amateur or professional artist could hope for. She is sensitive to the work and has achieved the highest impact in its presentation. Her designs are both intuitive and dramatic enabling each image to have its most effective place.
She is more than a professional designer with extraordinary insight. Suzzanne takes the utmost pride in producing, in this case, a combination of an artist's life and work and placing her own imprint on the results. She insists that every detail, large and small, be revisited and any changes that I suggested along the way were always discussed to see if they were suitable to the overall design. Suzzanne maintained an overview that kept me focused on how the entire book would maximize Marjorie's work. Overwhelmed at several points, she kept breaking down the tasks to images, text, front and back dust jacket images, flaps, etc. and that made the process manageable.
Because of the success of our 3 books, I am now preparing the material for the next 2 books which will feature my art.
These books permanently preserve the life and work of two artists. It is with great gratitude that I found Picturia Press and Suzzanne Connolly from an impressive article in The NY Times earlier this year. They chose to include her in the article as an example of a company that excelled in book and web designing.
Jerry Gotkin